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I always leave my appointments feeling relaxed and peaceful!

I have been a patient of Caroline White, L.Ac . for the past 17 years. Her effective treatments, knowledge of eastern and holistic medicine, and her thoughtful and calm demeanor have served me well and given rise to the profound trust and great respect I have for her as a health practitioner and a person. She continues to educate herself in her field, and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to any situation. She is a good listener, she asks good questions, she makes connections and gives good feedback, and she checks in to make sure the treatments are of help. She researches what she doesn’t know, she makes adjustments if needed, and she follows up any questions I may have with her findings.

Since the pandemic, Caroline has adjusted her treatments to be safe as well as effective – she has versed herself with the safest and most efficient procedures and implemented them in her office. As a patient, I have full confidence that I can receive a treatment without any fear of contagious risk.

Treatments are very reasonably priced and scheduling an appointment is easy. From pain relief to general health maintenance, I always leave my appointments feeling relaxed and peaceful – my knees, joints, neck and back are happy, too!

Anne R

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